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Full houses each year since its inception in 2016 . . . and still running!

In the spring of 2016, the nationally acclaimed Emerald Theatre Company in Memphis asked me to direct a play. I came back to them with a proposal for a ten-minute play festival. They gave me a green light. The event has been running successfully ever since. Writers from around the country have flown in to see their work brought to life by our excellent local actors, directors and technicians. Prize money has been awarded. Audiences have remained loyal and people have had BIG FUN!

The vignettes from the 2016 Festival "Out of the Closet" were picked up as a standalone show by the same title! It was performed at the Pride Fest at the Chandler Arts Center in Randolph, Vermont in July of 2017. (I didn't produce this fest, but was credited as the developer.) One of the plays from the first year was adapted for the screen and filmed in Los Angeles.

If you are interested in hiring me to develop a short play fest for your community, please contact me for a proposal. 

"Just that Sort of Day"
"Just that Sort of Day"
"Madame Russo's Psychic Parlor"
"Sleeping with the Fish"
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