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The Seekers

Fifty one-year old Howard Werner isn't having a mid-life crisis. His ex-wife, Lana, a certified life coach is. She took off for Taos with a tennis pro named Donovan, leaving Howard and their utra-perceptive dog, Ellis, behind. When Polybond Corporation gives Howard the axe, and his father expresses a dying wish to have his ashes returned to his hometown of Schutztown, Pennsylvania, all roads lead to a lifestyle change. Set in both PA Dutch Country and Taos, The Seekers follows two people who find themselves, trying to find themselves at the mid-century mark. This series is chockablock with enigmatic characters whose personal quests put them on collision courses with the delicious absurdities of life and love.  Read it here!

It's September of 1967. 19 year-old Shannon Whetstone should be in Nursing School in Evansville, Indiana, but a heartbreaking secret has led her to the wrong side of the tracks in Memphis, Tennessee. This sexy, smart Dean's list scholar is now a private dancer at Foxy's Cabaret–– a high rolling strip club that stays one step ahead of the Vice Squad in the most volatile, segregated, soulful city in the buckle of the Bible Belt.  Read it here!