Beyond the content displayed here, I have done some work for hire writing that can't be made available to the public.

MOTHER DEAREST COLORING BOOKS  - Word Frenzy Educational word puzzles for children.

                                                                         - Riddles and Jokes for Children

LANE FURNITURE - When they rebranded, they hired me to write all things that needed a fresh "voice." This includes product descriptions,  website content, tags on their fabric swatches in the stores, social media posts and more.


Peloton RPM - Corporate Role Playing Training Scripts
Christian Brother's University PA Program - Role Playing Training Scripts


Graphic Design Portfolio Builder / Advertising Design



The Seekers

Tear the Playhouse Down

My Favorite Color is Blue


"All Hallows Eve" – Unbuild Walls Journal (2016)

“The Turnspit Dog” – Kansas City Voices (2015)

“Chivalry” – Spark a Creative Anthology (November, 2013)

Before We Were Gentrified” – Fiction 365 (June 8, 2013)

The Conch Shell” – The Saturday Evening Post (December, 2012)

The Last Battle” – Family Circle Magazine (2012)

Unraveled Yarns” – Baxter Memorial Library (2012)

“Looking Up” – Stories for Children (2012)

The List” – Fiction 365 (January 2012)

"Origin of the District" - Fiction 265

“A Night in Casablanca” – Daily Flash 365 (2012)

"Sleeping Beauty Au Courant" - Winning Writers (2011)



I have published 40 Poems in the U.S., the UK and Canada. Several have been published more than once. (Complete list of poems and anthologies available upon request.) Most recent poetry prize: “Mother” Common Good Books Poetry Prize, Garrison Keillor


"Sunday Mass" - Pass it Down, (2017)

“Rolling the Dice in Sin City” - Eclectically Vegas, Baby (2015)

“Things My Mother Told Me” – Only Trollops Shave Above the Knee (2015)

“Why We Needed Nancy” – Bacopa Literary Review (2014)

A Dose of Reality” – Final Chapters (2014)

Why Authors Matter” – This I Believe (December 1, 2010)